Apartments Canary Wharf, London

This project was a block of 360 apartments. The block was made up of high end 2- & 3-bedroom apartments and duplex apartments, so 3 design types. The system was designed taking into consideration all reflective ceiling plans, designing the system in conjunction with all M&E services at the earliest opportunity allows for a safe working system, less clashes on site and less opportunity for additional costs.

The system: CAT 3 – water supplied shared with the domestic supply- from the outlet of the pump set the system had 2 risers, the domestic riser and the sprinkler riser. The domestic riser had a priority demand valve so all water supplies would transfer to the sprinkler in the event of a fire and an alarm fitted to the tank would notify the client of the water in the tank dropped below the required amount for the system to operate.  Each apartment was also valved and linked to the building alarm framework.


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